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This is one of my favourite songs. Pastor Ng Wah Lok has graciously given me the permission to share this song in my website. If you would like to download this inspiring song and also listen to his other songs, check out his site here.


Every Time I Pray
Lyrics and Music : Wah Lok, 2nd verse: Voon Yuen Woh, 1981

Verse 1
I will come to You in prayer
I will seek Your face
I will stand within the gap
There will I intercede

For every time I pray
I move the hand of God
My prayer does the things
My hands cannot do
For every time I pray
The mountains are removed
The paths are made straight
And nations turn to you.

Verse 2
I am weak and helpless Lord
You, my strength shall be
Guide me with Your gracious hand
There will my victory be.

1981 Wah Lok and Voon Yuen Wo