A TPcal Dessert

and other goodies from my kitchen

(If only these didn't add so much to my waistline,

 I'd be doing a whole lot more. Sigh.)

Note: My apologies for stuffing this page so full. Will organize it into smaller pages early next year.

In reverse chronological order


Bread Wreath with indentation to fit wine bottle.


Chewy Brownies


Sourdough baguette


Very chocolatey Choc Chip Cookies


Thin crispy pizza


Cornbread with Ham Bits, Corn Niblets and Sauteed Onions


Benedict Bars - layers of  Shortbread Base, Strawberry Jam and Flaked Almonds on top


Bacon Capsicum Pizza


Pineapple and Teriyaki Chicken Pizza


Overloaded Pizza


Pumpkin Cheesecake with Cointreau flavoured Whipped Cream


Cranberries and Currant Scones


Thin Pancakes served with Maple Syrup and Sliced Bananas


Kek Lapis (Spiced Layered Cake)


Raisin Cinnamon Loaf


Wholemeal Crackers - Various flavors (front to back: ginger chips, paprika/cracked black pepper, sesame seed, cinnamon)


Pecan/Hazelnut Butter Cookies


Rolled Oat and Apple Bread - mmmmoist!


Milk Loaf - perfect for a school sandwich


Rainbow Agar-agar


Prune Clafoutis


Lemon Barley Cob


Chocolate Chip Wholemeal Blondies


Chelsea Buns glazed with NZ Rewarewa honey


Pls click to enlarge. Freehand-styled Koong Chai Paeng and Chue Chai Paeng filled with red bean paste.


White Lotus, Red Bean and Mixed Nuts Mooncakes.


Mini Shanghai White Lotus Paste Mooncakes the size of a golf-ball with a quarter of an egg yolk in each.


Soft Onion Herb Bread Sandwich with Sourdough-battered Onion Rings


Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake


Garlic Dumplings in  Chicken Stew


Carrot Cake with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Caramelised Pineapple Slices studded on a Caramel Glaze.


Shanghai Mooncakes - love the buttery crust.


Tau Foo Fah served with either ginger and pandan infused syrup or palm sugar syrup


Ping Pei ( Snow-skin) Mini Mooncakes: Green Tea Skin with Red Bean Paste, Orange Skin with White Lotus Paste


Apple-studded Cake (with a hint of cinnamon/nutmeg) with Caramel Filling


Made Coconut Candy from the leftover gula melaka for the sago pudding


Sago Gula Melaka taken with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk (in this case we used evaporated milk instead)


MSG-free Prawn Crackers with flour and prawns in 1:1 ratio


Mini Peach Baos, also called Sao Bao, filled with lotus paste and red bean paste


"Mom, it's so delicious!" Lemon Cake with Lemon Glaze


Sourdough Wholemeal Pita with shredded chicken filling


Homemade Hotdog Buns, custom-made sizes, fresh from the oven. Yum!


Sourdough Corn Muffins with creamed corn


Cookies with Nestum, cashew nuts, raisins and glace cherries


Seafood (mussels, squid, tuna and white fish chunks, shrimp) Quiche


Blue-nana-berry Pie


Sandwich Loaf made with organic unbleached flour.


Decadently rich Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Peanut Butter Rum Cream Cheese Filling.


Honey-soaked Sea Coconut in Konnyaku Jelly.


More Sourdough Bread. We love an open crumb.


Green Tea Kasutera - an elegant Japanese Sponge Cake


 Peach Charlotte with peach cream cheese filling and almond and Cointreau-sprinkled ladyfingers. Almond dacquoise base.


Streusel-topped Apple Pie


Matcha Cookies with sunflower seeds and white chocolate chips


Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies - the girls' fav.


Blini - I love it with salsa and shredded roast meat.


Sourdough Oat Cranberry Wholewheat Muffins - literally bursting with goodness.


Sourdough Bread -  Will be starting a page on Sourdough later...I'm hooked.


Latte Pound Cake with Coffee Glaze


Kugelhopf - a dream sponge


Apple Plum Crumble - comfort food for a rainy day


Light and Crispy Peanut Butter Cookies


Hot Steamed Paus, anyone?


Plum Galette


Neengo sandwiched in Kuih Kapit (fan-shaped loveletters)


Moist Banana Muffin with Chocolate Morsels


Steamed Pumpkin filled with 'smooth-as-silk' Kaya


Wholemeal Banana Yogurt Cake with Chocolate Ganache Filling and Lemon Buttercream Frosting.


Kuih Bangkit/Shih Fun Paeng - a CNY melt-in-the-mouth must-have


Mini Jam Buns/Scones filled with Fruits of the Forest and Apricot Jam


Brandy Spice Cake


Marshmallows - Peppermint Swirl on Lychee


A Banana Bread which turned out to be cupcakes, some of which wanted to be topped with a caramel frosting


Bakewell Tart with Layer of Lingonberry Jam


Fluffy melt-in-the-mouth Marshmallows half in pandan flavour and rose flavour.

Green Tea Tiramisu with homemade sponge fingers


Truffle Almond Pound Cake filled with maraschino cherries


Durian Butter Cake smothered with durian custard


Gourmet Carrot Cake with everything in it but the kitchen sink


Cheesecake wrapped in chocolate and iced in coffee swiss meringue buttercream, with a chocolate ball. The girls named this 'UniMind'.


More cheesecake...this time Manhattan Cheesecake flooded with homemade Dulce de Leche sauce.


Very Tangy Lemon Pie decorated with giant strawberries and grapes.



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