Cameron Highlands - Amalgamation of Nov 2004/May 2005 Visits

Cameron Highlands at 1500 m above sea level and at a lovely cool 65 deg F. Why do I suffer the winding ride (with children/me turning all shades of green) and 3 hours' drive to return time and time again? Let me show you why.













Above are Orang Asli (indigenous people) houses propped precariously on the hillside. In the foreground are bamboo trees - I should have picked some for wrapping joongs. Fruits like durians, plants like staghorn ferns  and vegetables like petai (stinky beans) which they forage from the abundant jungle they call home are sold in shacks nearby. We've even seen them selling snakes.


We made a stop at Tanah Rata and one of the vendors (opposite the Lakehouse) asked us to try this jagung (corn) RAW! Well, we've never eaten a raw corn before. This species was so sweet and bursting with juice...we'll definitely seek them out the next time.


A stroll up the more manageable hills (meaning, with pathways) will reward you with sights of untouched jungle with beautiful wild orchids and giant ferns.


Boh Tea Plantation

Tea leaf pickers on the way to work

How I wish I could pack all this crisp, fresh air to bring home with me. Sigh.


Blue Valley...where most of the vegetables in the KL markets come from. We always make more purchases than we need on our way home.


Welcome to Mrs Robertson's rose garden...a sure stop in our itinerary because the caretaker always keeps rose cuttings for us.

Meet Scarlet, Pink Queen Victoria and Maid of my Heart; we bought a few species home but with our warmer weather in KL, the roses will come out much smaller. These beauties are huge, the maid of my heart is at least the size of my whole hand...umm, actually bigger, because my hands are not that big.

The Flame of Fire rose wasn't well-taken, but I had to include her because she's so special. Apparently, she turns colours from yellow to light pink, then a deeper shade of pink.

My Melissa-in-the-Middle smelling the fragrant rose from which rose syrup is made.

Isn't this Lady's Shoe pretty?

Passionfruit Flower

We don't find morning glories of such intense colour downhill.

Forget-me-nots. Indeed, the beauty of the flowers here will leave an everlasting memory for all of us.


This is the mossy jungle, a place where sunlight hardly reaches. The whole area is covered with moss and you get a very peculiar soft feeling when you step on the ground here because it's actually made up of a few metres of decomposed vegetation.


Lucky day, what? Saw a pitcher plant called monkey cup.


We always make a stop at Ye Olde Smokehouse for Devonshire tea. Cost us much more than what we pay at the bungalow where we stay...but we love the ambience.

The following pictures were taken at a produce stop on the way downhill via the new road; must make sure we fit Ipoh in as a lunch stop. Ipoh chicken rice, yum! Sar Hor Fun, yum! Please forgive me; I forget the name of this outlet, as I was a bit queasy from the winding roads.

A tomato-sorter-to-size.


Cacti galore - such cute pricklies

An unusual chrysanthemum with spoon-shaped petals.


Now you know why....